HYCON 10 years anniversary

We cannot believe that it has already been 10 years since we started the HYCON Company. Throughout the years we have had a lot fun, craziness and of course serious work. On the 1st of November 2012 HYCON has been going strong for 10 years and this has led us to look back in our photo albums.

We started out with the powerpack HPP09, which is still a very popular powerpack, and the first breaker followed soon after in 2003. Since then the product line has grown significantly, and in 2012 we even have 2 new product launches: the post driver and the ring saw.

One of our most memorable times was when we visited Bauma for the first time and had the possibility to meet many of our customers, and we were very pleased to find out that the HYCON products were widely accepted.

In 2006-2007 HYCON was growing very strong, and we won the very prestigious award: The Gazelle Award. We won the award because of a growth of 994% over 3 years. The growth led us to our new office with great facilities and room for even further growth.



In 2008 the economic crisis hit the world and of course also HYCON. We have worked our way out of the crisis by introducing the smaller hydraulic basic kit for low cost demolition and, furthermore, by still developing the product line and the way we do business.

 We had a great experience at Bauma 2010 with a lot of great interest in the HYCON stand. We took us time to both business and pleasure, which resulted in a lot of fun with our mannequins - so if you saw a car accident outside our stand – don’t worry...

We are still an important figure in the market, and in 2012 we got our biggest order ever. HYCON now has 30,000 products world wide. Thanks to our strong team and loyal customers we are very optimistic about the future. There have been many more stories to tell from the last 10 years and we are sure many more will come the next 10 years and even further ahead.

We wish to thank all our customers without whom HYCON would not have 10 years anniversary. Thank you!