Fremco A/S is a global leading manufacturer for fiber blowing machines and has sourced a power pack from HYCON.

Fremco A/S is a Danish company and leading provider to the fiber cable blowing industry with exports globally. All over the world there is a big demand for fast and high quality data communication and fiber optic cables is the solution. Fiber optic cables are blown with either air or water inside plastic pipes.

The method of pushing the cables through the pipes is not easy and Fremco is specialized in this business. Over the years, Fremco A/S has gained a very high experience and developed machines for this, and are today in demand from professional cable laying contractors all over the world.

The Fremco fiber blowing machines with the HYCON power source used in eastern Malaysia

With more than 10 years of experience in gasoline powered hydraulic power packs, Fremco A/S, Denmark has found the right partner to source power packs from HYCON A/S.

We tested the HPP06 hydraulic power pack with Fremco fiber blowing machines very hard and the power and reliability proved to meet the high standards of Fremco products.” The high quality standard of HYCON, the flexibility from their side and immediate delivery from stock persuaded general manager Niels Søgaard Hansen to make the decision.

There was no reason for investing in own development of a power pack, when HYCON had the right product already. We are experts in fiber blowing machines, not the power driving our equipment. This means we can focus on our core business and source locally for specialized equipment to complement our product range."

It means we do not tie financial assets in a big production and stock, but simply order power packs from our supplier when needed. Plus we can offer our customers a complete setup to blow fiber cables.” ends Niels Søgaard Hansen, and concludes it has been the right change in strategy during the last years of financial instability throughout the world to seek a partnership outside the organization.

In the town of Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark, Fremco A/S manufactures a complete system of high quality fiber blowing machines to fulfil all demands from customers to get the job done. The Sales office is located strategically in the middle of Denmark for easy access to highways, airports etc. Read more about Fremco and their products on

For HYCON it is a chance to reach out to new customer groups and new applications outside traditional construction. “To be an innovative and forward-looking company, we strive to find new business partners that have same values, strategies and visions. Fremco A/S is definitely one of them” completes Regional Sales Manager Rasmus Kilt.

HYCON A/S welcomes Fremco A/S as a new member of the HYCON family.