Core Drilling High Up

The task was to drill a hole for electric cables high up on a concrete wall in a narrow corner. Because of the difficult spot it was too complicated and time consuming to mount a drill stand.
Therefore the job had to be done by hand drilling with the operator situated in a lift, where space is very limited.
The electrician decided to use a HYCON HCD50-200 core drill, as it would be easy to handle in the lift and had enough performance to drill through the very hard concrete.


Also very important for his choice of tool was the watertight safety for the operator. The contractor knew that only a HYCON hydraulic core drill with the ASCO Safety System was safe enough to do the job.

The power pack was left on the floor. Using a standard core drill the contractor finished the job easy in only 15 minutes and was able to continue.
Task: drilling a hole high up in hard concrete for electric cables
Tools: HYCON HPP06 powerpack and HCD 50-200 core drill
Contractor: Michael Wulff A/S, Stoevring, Denmark