HYCON HPP09 is the most sold powerpack. It is used especially for rental, contractors, municipalities, supply companies (power-water-gas-heat-sewage-telecom) etc.
who mostly use 20 l.p.m. tools like breakers, core drills, saws, submersible pumps etc.

It is very compact with small dimensions and low weight. Therefore it can be transported in any car, van etc.

The investment in this powerpack and a breaker is usually less than half the price of a 4m³ compressor and breaker, and the performance is the same. Integrated oil alert on engine oil level. HPP09 comes standard with the HYCON POR system (Power on Request) = automatic regulation of power.


Technical Data
Oil flow, l.p.m. 1x20
Max. pressure, bar 150
Engine Honda 9 HP petrol
Flow POR (automatic)
Starter Recoil
Weight, kg 68
Noise level 1 m LPA dB 88
Noise level LWA dB 100


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