HYCON HPP09E is our smallest electric powerpack. It is primarily for indoor use and with its compact size and low weight it can be used anywhere on the building site. In multi-storey buildings you can easily get the HPP09E into a normal lift.

It is used by contractors, companies specialized in concrete drilling/cutting, the rental business and other specialized companies. It can easily be transported in any car.

With only 5.5 kW energy consumption is very low.

Our customers are professionals, and therefore motor and electric box are approved for IP55 and IP54 respectively, so that they can withstand operation under very difficult conditions.


Technical Data
Oil flow, l.p.m. 1x20
Max. pressure, bar 150
Motor 5.5kW 16A/3x400V 50 Hz
Flow Fixed
Weight, kg 80
Noise level 1 m LPA dB 85
Noise level LWA dB 97


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