Hycon Hydraulic Demolition Equipment in Haiti Earthquake

“Seeing the UN Peace-keeping Headquarter building after the earthquake, my tears were quickly overflowing the eyes, because I was very clear that inside such ruin of the building, the chance of survival was almost zero"*

It was a reinforced concrete building with 10 storeys. After the earthquake, this building collapsed like a pie. The original 10-storey building became only 2 storeys high. The trapping location of our peacekeepers was completely collapsed.


In order to rescue our peacekeepers as soon as possible, we used the most advanced demolition equipment made by Danish Hycon A/S, Holmatro power pack and multi-functional shear, as well as the combination of spades, shovels, etc., by the most safe and efficient and scientific digging methods.
"We spent two days and one night, to break through 6 floors, demolish 12 pcs of beams with 60 cm thickness, 40 cm width and 12m length, and excavate 120 cubic meters of gravels."*

China International Earthquake Rescue
*Notes from the Diary of the China International Earthquake Rescue Team member