Downsize your operating cost and increase your profit...

Power kit HPP06 + HH15

HYCON Power Kit: HPP06 + HH15

HYCON Basic Kit gives you low cost demolition. The performance equals a 30 kg electric breaker but only half weight. And it works inside or outside regardless of weather, dust and even under water. The proffesional choice for low cost demolition and unique mobility. Downsize your operating cost and increase your profit.

Work smarter - Not harder

Looking for a 16 kg that will do the job? HH15 is the answer. It will easy outperform even big electric breakers, but it will work Day after Day regardless of the environment and reduce your service cost significantly.

It has an amazing performance compared to weight. With the anti vibration handle it will become your best friend.

With the HH15 the job is done faster, more efficiently, and you will save time and money from day one.

The ideal choice for professionals in light demolition....

With HYCON Power Kit you can break, drill and cut with only 1 small powerpack.

Same performance - huge different in size

The "Fuel-saver" versus traditional compressor

With the small 6.5hp Honda engine there is a significant reduced energy consumption in relation with the average 40 hp mobile compressors.. With just 1.7 liter of fuel per hour of the HPP06 and up to 9 liter of diesel per hour on compressors multiplied by 200 workdays the difference is 1460 liters of diesel which will pay back the investment in very short time.

Try it out - it will definitely surprise you!!


Very easy to transport

HYCON Power kit is very easy to handle and transport
- fit into any vehicle...

Downsizing is the key word.
– make it smaller but still powerful

HPP06 is a compact, lightweight pack that performs better than you expect. It may look very small but do not judge it before you have tried it.

 Lightweight but power full

Break hard concrete with low weight

– a real case story

Task: breaking away some very hard concrete

Tools: HYCON HPP06 power pack and HH15 breaker

Contractor: M J Erikson, Broendby, Denmark

The job was to break away some very hard concrete with heavy rebar. The operator wanted a lightweight but power full breaker to do the job.

Because of its low weight of only 15kg, high performance and the anti vibration handle, the operator could carry out the job very quickly and with no stress.


  • Save more than £ 25.000 on diesel*

  • Low weight

  • Easy to handle

  • NO downtime

  • NO service

  • Still powerful

  • Costumers all over the world