HYCON HPP18V MULTIFLEX is the big brother in the FLEXLINE series of powerpacks. It is intended for simultaneous operation of 2 tools.

MULTI means many. This powerpack has the most different flow settings on the market. No other features as much as 8 different flows: 1x10-15-20-30-40 and 2x10-15-20 l.p.m.

In other words: MULTIFLEX can operate any tool! With its compact measures it can be transported in any van. 2 persons can easily lift it.

With both electric and recoil start it can be started, even if the battery is dead.


Technical Data
Oil flow, l.p.m. 1x10-15-20-30-40, 2x10-15-20
Max. pressure, bar 160
Engine Vanguard 18 HP petrol
Flow Adjustable
Starter Recoil and electric
Weight, kg 112
Noise level 1 m LPA dB 89
Noise level LWAdB 101


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