Benefit to the user

Higher effiency than pneumatic, petrol and electric tools Get more power with same or less weight Get the job done faster with lighter tools > increase profit
 More power  Work faster  Save money > increase profit
 Work faster  Tools have reduced operating time  Longer lifetime > increase profit
 More power  Do harder jobs  More areas to use > increase profit
 Hydraulics is a closed systems  Nothing can enter the system No service and no downtime > increase profit
 Hydraulics is a closed system  Nothing can enter the system Can work in ANY weather and environment - even in winter and under water. No downtime > increase profit 
 Can connect to other hydraulic systems  Hydraulics is everywhere  Get more flexibility > increase profit
 One powerpack for many tools  You can connect several tools  High flexibility - high return on investment > increase profit
 Higher effiency  Same or more power by smaller engines  Powerful but smaller and lighter
Only 6.5 HP powerpack Much lower investment than 25 HP compressor > increase profit
Smaller and lighter tools Need less horse power Can work with only 6.5 HP > increase profit
Only 6.5 HP powerpack Much less than a 25 HP compressor Much less fuel consumption > increase profit
Less fuel consumption Lower operating cost > increase profit
Much lower investment Less capital tied up (minimum 50% less) Capital free for other investments > increase profit
All parts run in oil Less wear Long lifetime > increase profit
Few wearing parts Less service Lower service cost > increase profit
Easy service access Service in no time Low cost > increase profit
Small powerpacks Easy to transport Save cost > inccrease profit
Easy to transport Can fit in all types of vans
Coupling stays free to tow trailer etc=more flexibility > increase profit
No fixed cost Lower cost > increase profit
Anti vibration handles Better operator comfort/protection Happy employees > increase profit
One powerpack can break, drill, cut, pump etc. Compressor only one use Better return on investment > increase profit
No tyres No flats on the road No downtime > increase profit
No need for air breaker lubrication No added cost and no downtime > increase profit
Fool proof system Cannot connect wrong No costly failures > increase profit