March 18 · 2021

Relaunching HRD30 Rock Drill 

One of a kind: HYCON HRD30 Rock Drill
- The only Rock Drill with integrated compressor and cyclone filter system














HYCON always works with development and improvement of handheld hydraulic tools. Not just with the ambition of producing new hydraulic tools, but also to make existing tools even better. We believe that even with the best products, there is always room for new thinking, small adjustments, and improvements. This is all a part of ensuring a high-quality experience and creating more reliable tools with a high performance. HYCON’s history with rock drills is no exception, and after a long journey of testing and developing, a new improved version of the HRD30 Rock Drill is now launching and will replace the current version of HRD30.

The HRD30 Rock Drill is a high performing hydraulic drill, which is designed for tough drilling applications in concrete and granite with up to 2,4 meters of depth. With the integrated compressor, you do not need to bring an external compressor to the worksite. Furthermore, the rock drill is working fast and performs precise and circular holes due to the high striking energy. the antivibration handles, increases the comfort for the operator and allows longer working intervals. This gives the HRD30 Rock Drill a high value proposition and makes it a unique and attractive choice for rock drilling applications - Especially when multiple smaller holes in granite or concrete is required.

The improvement of HRD30 contains a significant improvement of the general design, and the development  of an improved cyclone filter system which ensures a better airflow for the integrated air flushing compressor. The advanced design of the cyclone filter system will provide longer intervals between cleaning and replacement of the filter and therefore results in a more reliable and effective Rock Drill. The HRD30 Rock Drill is one of a kind on the market as the only Rock Drill with an integrated compressor and now also with an integrated cyclone filter.