Rescue & Civil Defence

HYCON has a proven record of accomplishments and are a well-known and reputable supplier of tools for the rescue and civil defence segment.

All enquiries for questions, service and orders are handled with outmost professionalism and always meet by service-minded employees with experience and knowledge.

You can count on HYCON for clever solutions and reliable tools for cutting, pumping and demolition.

Typical Tasks:

Drilling for splitter

Using the HYCON Rock Drill

Pumping water

Using HYCON Submersible Pumps and Power Pack - achieving enhanced mobility.

Earthquake cleanup

Using the HYCON Cut-off Saw HCS18

Earthquake cleanup

Using HYCON tools

Integrated in rescue vehicles

Using HYCON hydraulic tools

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HYCON product rangeĀ 

We offer a wide range of handheld hydraulic tools for various segments and applications.
Please take a look, and contact us if you have any questions, queries or the like.

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