HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Rock Drill 

The HYCON handheld hydraulic Rock Drill HRD30 is a high performing drill designed for the toughest drilling applications in granite and concrete. The investment in a HYCON rock drill and a HYCON power pack is the best investment on the market due to the most powerful integrated compressor. This combined with the core characteristics of hydraulics makes it very easy to get even the toughest job done. Simply connect it to a compact hydraulic power pack – and start drilling.

The rock drill is characterized by a very high performance in relation to weight, and its high quality means long life.

The rock drill can be supplied by a HYCON power pack or excavators or the like through the HYCON HFD oil flow divider. Maximum recommended drilling performance is ø45 mm and approx. 3 m deep. Depending on the circumstances, the rock drill can reach a drilling speed of 3½ - 10 cm per minute.

The HYCON Rock Drill

Tough tools for tough jobs.

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