HYCON HPP18E FLEX has an 11 kW motor, and the flow can be set to 20-30-40 l.p.m. = the perfect powerpack for professional and specialized companies within concrete drilling and cutting.

The output is regulated by a frequency converter. This way the motor r.p.m. is adjusted to the exact oil flow required - meaning no cooling problems. On conventional electric powerpacks of other makes, the oil flow is adjusted by means of valves, and in this case the oil is often overheated from insufficient cooling.

The HYCON HPP18E FLEX is the only powerpack on the market with this technical feature. The powerpack needs no water cooling, as it has integrated oil cooler, which is a great advance - especially in the winter time.


Technical Data
Oil flow, l.p.m. 1x20-30-40
Max. pressure, bar 160
Engine Electric 11kW 25A (30lpm), 35A (40 lpm)/3x400V 50 Hz
Flow Adjustable
Weight, kg 128
Noise level 1 m LPA dB 86
Noise level LWAdB 98


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