HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Breakers

The underwater versions of our breakers (HH10RV, HH20, HH27) include a newly developed handle, which allows underwater operation, while still getting the benefit of reduced vibration. For top-side use, the breakers use a spring design which requires the operator to compress the handles.

This is not possible in an underwater environment as a downward press pushes the diver upwards / outwards. 

To alleviate this, the new handle has been redesigned. The handle allows a neutral position for the diver with reduced vibration without being required to press the handle down. 

Supreme components and sturdy design place the HYCON HH-series at the top of their league.

Additional features

▶ Pre-drilled holes for easy cleaing with water, use water displacing oil after.
▶ Higher impact than comparable sizes alternative platforms.
▶ Gas-nitride piston for rust protection and long seal life.

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