HYCON Underwater Handheld Hydraulic Core Drills

HYCON underwater core drills are highly flexible as they can be used as a handheld tool or mounted in a standard rig. The core drills are also extremely effective, allowing you to drill holes up to Ø350 mm in reinforced concrete.

The core drills feature an over pressure valve ensuring no kick-back in case the core bit jams for increase diver safety. 

The core drills are made with either a 600RPM (HCD25-100) or a 1500RPM (HCD50-200), where the choice of relies on the material being drilled and the core bit size and segment. 

HYCON core drills let you do the hand drilling jobs no other drill can do!

Additional features

▶ Safe handheld drilling up to ø350mm thanks to a quick-acting hydraulic torque control assuring no operator kickback.
▶ Handheld or rig drilling with the same drill.
▶ Low weight - direct hydraulic drive.
▶ Safety – the built-in hydraulic torque limiter stops automatic rotation if the core bit jams. No kickback to the operator and no wear to the drive coupling.
▶ Variable rotation speed – ensuring safe start and stop.
▶ 100% hydraulic with no electric hazard in wet working conditions – even underwater.

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