Hydraulic Power Pack HPP23V FLEX – Gasoline


The HPP23V FLEX offers the same features as our HPP18V Flex but with a 23 HP B&S Vanguard gasoline powered engine able to run any tools from 20-46 lpm.

Perfect for large saws, wall saws, and concrete chain saws with a need for 46 lpm. The HYCON HPP23V FLEX hydraulic power pack is designed in accordance with the EHTMA categories C, D, E, and F, which prescribe a performance of 20 lpm, 30 lpm, 40 lpm, and 46 lpm, respectively, at 138 bar.

Not CE approved - Only for sale outside of the EU.



The unique ring cooler design developed by HYCON ensures superior cooling of the power pack and hydraulic oil, ensuring a longer engine life. The effective ring cooler results in a power pack that can work in any climate, all the way from the desert to the artic.

The rigid frame and innovative cooler design make the power pack extremely durable and easy to clean and service. Cleaning the cooler can easily be done with a high-pressure washer.

Technical data

Item no. HPP23V FLEX


Dimensions, L x W x H [mm] / Weight [kg]

860 x 610 x 688 / 108

Oil flow [LPM]


Working pressure [bar]


Max pressure [bar]



Vanguard 23 (23 hp), gasoline


Recoil / Electric

Sound power level LWa [dB]


Not CE approved - Only for sale outside of the EU.


HPP23V FLEX Product Sheet

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