Hydraulic Submersible Pump HWP2


Although small and light the HWP2 water pump can pump up to 35 m³/h. The outside diameter is only 23.8 cm making it ideal for small manholes etc. where space is tight.

Because it is a VORTEX pump it is not affected by dirty water and solids. In construction, heavy duty pumps are a must to secure no downtime on the jobsite.


It will work all day every day, because of the Hydraulic direct drive motor that will make sure that the pump can run dry without damage to the motor or seals.

Technical data

Item no. HWP2, 20-30 l.p.m.
(PLEASE NOTE: Hose is not included)


Weight, kg


Oil flow, l.p.m.


Max. pressure, bar


Capacity, m³/h


Max Head, m


Max solids, mm


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