Hydraulic Submersible Pump HWP3


The HWP3 water pump weighing only 11 kg has a capacity up to 85 m³/h making it extremely powerful compared to weight. Our sewage pump system is considered the most effective due to the implemented filter, which makes sure that rocks ond other solids don't get stuck. 

Even though a 3” pump, the outside diameter is only 30 cm making it suitable for many applications, even in narrow spaces. The VORTEX design ensures long lifetime and no downtime even in the demanding construction business.



It will work all day every day, because of the Hydraulic direct drive motor that will make sure that the pump can run dry without damage to the motor or seals.

You can choose between two types of strainers for your HWP3 - The standard strainer for solids up to Ø63 mm. or the fine strainer for solids up to Ø10 mm.  

Technical data

Item no. HWP3 - Standard Strainer, 20-30 l.p.m.
(PLEASE NOTE: Hose incl. coupling is not included)


Item no. HWP3 - Fine Strainer, 20-30 l.p.m.
(PLEASE NOTE: Hose incl. coupling is not included)


Item no. 3" Hose 10m for HWP3 incl. 3" BSP snap-tite coupling


Weight, kg


Oil flow l.p.m.


Max. pressure, bar


Capacity, m³/hour


Max head, m


Max solids - Standard Strainer, mm


Max solids - Fine Strainer, mm



BSP 3" Female

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