HYCON Hydraulic Pressure Booster


Use the HYCON HBU630 booster to increase pressure and possibilities of use. The Hycon pressure booster will be a perfect add-on to your set of tools, and it opens a number of posibilities to also use high-pressure tools such as Darda splitters.

Aplications & Tools:
Combined and operated from a standard power pack the HBU630 is perfect for powering rescue tools, silenced & dustless demolition tools where there at the same time is need for operation of standard hydraulic tools such as core drills, cut-off saws, breakers or rock-drills.


Specifications & Features:

  • Increases pressure up to 630 bar (adjustable)
  • Connect to any 20 lpm powerpack or hydraulic outlet
  • Intensification factor 1:10
  • Low input pressure…reduced heating
  • Operates any high-pressure tools such as splitters, crushers, cutters or concrete bursters.
Technical data

Item no. HBU630


Weight, kg


Dimensions, LxWxH, mm


Oil flow, l.p.m.


Max. pressure, bar


Working pressure, bar


Max pressure out (adjustable), bar


Oil flow out, l.p.m.

1.2 - 5

Cooling capacity needed, kW



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