HYCON Hydraulic Pressure Booster


Use the HYCON HBU630 booster to increase pressure and possibilities of use.

The HYCON pressure booster will be a perfect add-on to your set of hydraulic tools. It opens the possibility of using high-pressure tools such as the Darda splitters.

Applications & Tools
Combined and operated from a standard power pack, the HBU630 is perfect for powering rescue tools and silenced & dustless demolition tools for jobs that at the same time require the use of standard hydraulic tools such as core drills, cut-off saws, breakers, or rock drills.


Specification & Features

  • Increases pressure by up to 630 bar (adjustable)
  • Connect to any 20 lpm power pack or hydraulic outlet
  • Intensification factor 1:10
  • Low input pressure, reduced heating
  • Operates any high-pressure tools such as splitters, crushers, cutters, or concrete bursters
Technical data

Item no. 


Weight [kg]


Dimensions, L x W x H [mm]

340 x 170 x 150

Oil flow [LPM]


Max pressure [bar]


Working pressure [bar]


Max pressure out (adjustable) [bar]


Oil flow out [LPM]

1.2 - 5

Cooling capacity needed [kW]



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