HYCON Hydraulic Power Packs

Versatile, portable, and tougher than the rest! Unaffected by water and dust, the HYCON power packs operate in any environment.

High performance in a compact design! The HYCON power packs are designed for professionals who expect maximum operating time, low maintenance costs, and durability. It’s easily moved around on construction sites thanks to its wheels and hand bars – even in challenging terrains.

The HYCON power packs are simple to operate, and given the right pressure, you can connect and operate any of our handheld hydraulic tools from one power pack.

All basic instructions are shown on the front panel, making the power packs suitable for contractors as well as the rental business.

Additional features

▶ Gasoline, diesel, and electric models.
▶ A fan mounted directly on the gear pump shaft ensures high-capacity air cooling for the hydraulic system and engine for a longer lifetime in demanding and hot environments.
▶ Closed hydraulic system – all parts run in oil.
▶ All HYCON tools and HTMA-compliant tools can be operated from the power packs.
▶ Easy cleaning of the oil cooler and all parts with high-pressure cleaners from the outside.


HYCON Power Pack Brochure

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