HYCON Hydraulic Power packs

The HYCON hydraulic power packs can be used literaly anywhere; fitted with wheels and handles, they are easy to move around on construction sites - even in tough terrains.

Simple operation, connection and use with all basic instructions shown on front panel- makes the power packs perfect for any users and very suitable also
in rental business.

HYCON power packs are designed for professional users who expect maximum operating time, low service cost and durability.

The concept of HYCON power packs is to offer high performance, compact design, low weight packs and with a minimum of wearing parts.


Additional features:

  • Available in gasoline, diesel and electric models
  • All moving parts are mounted directly on the engine shaft
  • Fan supply additional air for engine cooling giving better performance and lifetime in demanding and hot conditions.
  • Closed hydraulic system - all parts run in oil.
  • All Hycon tools and HTMA compliant tools can be operated from the power packs.
  • Easy cleaning of oil cooler and all parts from outside with high pressure cleaners.


HYCON Power Pack Brochure

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