Hydraulic Concrete Ring Saw HRS400


The HYCON hydraulic ring saw offers you the most overall efficient and productive 300 mm deep cutting. Imagine all the new work it will open up to your business and for you to carry out at minimum cost.

All parts run in oil  which limits down time and keeps the need of service at a minimal. The HYCON hydraulic ring saw has a unique design and state of the art drive mechanism that will give you many hours of use and long lasting wearing parts that will ensure you low operating cost.


Therefore; Aqquiring a HYCON HRS400 saw should be seen as an investment. You'll experience that it's among the most powerful hydraulic concrete ring saws on the market. If 160 bars is applied the saw cuts deep and at a very fast pace. This makes it great for bigger construction projects, where a lot of concrete cutting is required at different locations. 

Technical data

Item no. HRS400, 30-40 l.p.m.


Weight w/o blade, kg


Diamond blade, mm


Cutting depth, mm


Oil flow, l.p.m.


Working pressure, max bar


Vibration level (3 axis) m/s2


Noise level 1 m LPAdB


Periferial blade cutting speed, m/s


Rotation r.p.m.


Recommended minimum water supply

4 l.p.m. / 2 bar


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