Welcome to the cutting edge of underwater technology with HYCON's exceptional underwater hydraulic tools.


Whether you're working on marine construction projects, underwater maintenance, or offshore installations, HYCON's tools are engineered to meet the demands of the challenging underwater environment. Our tools have been safe for use under water for over two decades, but in 2024 we will for the first time produce and supply underwater-optimised tools for maximum efficiency for your particular area.


Our underwater hydraulic tools are crafted with precision and durability in mind, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. From underwater saws and breakers to drills and grinders, HYCON provides a comprehensive range of tools that cater to diverse underwater tasks. Each tool is  designed to deliver superior cutting, breaking, and drilling capabilities, enabling you to achieve efficiency and precision in your underwater operations.


What sets HYCON apart is our commitment to safety and ease of use. Our tools are equipped with features such as ergonomic handles, intuitive controls, automatic safety cut-off and robust construction to enhance user comfort and control during underwater tasks. With a focus on power and reliable performance, HYCON's hydraulic tools empower underwater professionals to tackle any challenge.


Explore the world beneath the water surface with HYCON's underwater hydraulic tools – where innovation meets reliability to redefine possibilities in underwater operations.


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