Global Supplier to Customers in a Variety of Fields

Superior quality in our products is and will continuously be our main priority, constantly improving our hydraulic system for overall operational efficiency. We understand the importance of having optimum equipment availability as well as product reliability and durability.

Our customers use HYCON handheld power tools for demanding tasks in a variety of applications and industries around the world. HYCON customers especially value the portability in our solution, making it the preferred choice – also for tasks in hard-to-reach locations.

Constantly keeping focus on our core business, handheld hydraulic power tools, we listen to the demands of our customers and the present and upcoming demands of the market. This makes us a market leader in our field.


Renovation & Demolition

Concrete Cutting & Coring

Sewer Sanitation

Underwater Works

Utility & Road Works

Concrete & Rock Drilling

Ramming & Fencing

Special Applications

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The HYCON product range 

We offer a wide range of handheld hydraulic tools for various segments and applications.
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