HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Cut-off Saws

The HYCON underwater cut-off saws are available in two variants: HCS14, HCS16.

For underwater use, the motors on the HCS14 and HCS16 have been changed, reducing the RPM and increasing the torque, this means the periphereal speed of the blade is reduced as well. The tool automatically cuts off if the disc jams, meaning no injury to the operator. All saws can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting and will work with standard diamond hand-cutting blades.

The HCS 16 saw can easily be mounted on HYCON’s SawEZ rail system for easy and accurate cutting on walls. Change to the HRS ring saw for deeper cutting in the same cutline.

Check out our SawEZ, guide rail which makes it easier to reach highs and lows as well as sawing in a straight line. Furthermore, our hand-held cut-off saws can also be used to cut through, steel, bricks, asphalt, etc.

Additional features

▶ Pre-drilled holes for cleaning with water, use water displacing oil after. 
▶ Low weight for operator comfort
▶ Built-in water line
▶ Designed for both vertical and horizontal use
▶ All parts run in oil – ensuring long product life
▶ High-quality motor with direct drive for low maintenance – especially compared to belt-driven 2-stroke engine saws

The HYCON Motor

The unique HYCON designed motor in
high-strength aluminum ensures maximum power at low weight.

A no-nonsense design - designed for each individual saw bearing customer need in mind. With higher torque and high reliability
this motor is second to none.

Contact us and let us help you find a local distributor.

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