HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Post Driver

The HYCON post driver is easy to use. Place it on the post and activate the trigger, or if you cannot reach high up place it on the post and activate it by the remote valve. With high power, it gets the job done fast day after day. In all weathers.

Because it is hydraulic, there is no maintenance. Connect the driver to our power packs or to excavators, tractors etc. Areas of use: fencing, road signs, forestry, vineyards, setting up crash barriers, all kinds of steel profiles, anchoring, tent stakes etc.

Another beneficial advantage is to use the oil flow

divider. The oil flow divider can be connected to various power sources, like excavators, trucks, loaders, tractors etc.

The oil flow divider reduces the flow from these machines so that they can be used as power source for the HYCON hydraulic tools, e.g. breakers.

If the oil flow divider is supplied with an oil flow much higher than used by the tool, the excessive oil will be transformed into heat. Therefore never let the power source run with higher oil flow (number of evolutions) than necessary.

HYCON Oil Flow Divider - HFD

The HYCON HFD Oil Flow Divider replace the need for power packs and is perfect to drive all HYCON tools on worksites where there already is an hydraulic machine like a backhoe, skidsteer or mini excavator in place.

Simply connect the preset HFD to the Hydraulic Power Take Out (PTO) and you are assured correct flow, pressure and rotation on saws, pumps and other tools needed on the jobsite.

The HYCON oil flow divider has 3 built-in functions:

  • Output oil flow control by the build in flow regulation valve.
  • Maximum tool working pressure ensured by a pressure relief valve.
  • Ensures the correct oil flow direction by a check valve.

Find more information on the HYCON Oil Flow Divider Here

The HYCON Post Driver

The Post Driver can be activated directly on the driver or with the remote valve when the driver is placed on the top of a tall post.


How do HYCON post drivers enhance productivity?

HYCON hydraulic post drivers deliver rapid impact force to drive posts or poles into the ground quickly. Their ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue, improving productivity in tasks like fence installation and road barrier placement.

How do hydraulic post drivers improve efficiency in public sector projects?

Hydraulic post drivers offer rapid, consistent driving of poles and posts into the ground. This speeds up tasks like fence installation, signpost placement, and road barrier setup, reducing project timelines and labor costs.

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