HYCON SawEZ guide rail


The SawEZ guide rail is a unique system developed to enable contractors and semi-proffesionals to mount a saw without having to stand with a heavy and large wall saw. And at the cost of one tenth of other known wall saw systems.

A typical use could be to make a 187 mm pre-cut with the 18” saw, then complete the cut the ring saw that enables a cutting depth of 300 mm.

The versatile guide rail system is compatible with our handheld HCS16”, HCS18” and our HRS400 ring saws.


The system offers a unique adaptor system that can quickly swap between the saws making it extremely versatile. Another benefit of using the SawEZ guide rail is the ability to use the well-known power of hydraulics constant at 100% without the operator getting tired – Simple as that!

The system can be extended to be as long as you wish, as we offer sections of 1-meter rails that easily connect to your SawEZ guide rail.


Technical data

Item no. Rail excl. Adaptor


Weight w/o saw, kg


Standard Rail length, cm


Effective cutting length, cm


Remote trigger


Max cutting depth with HRS400, mm



SawEZ Product Sheet

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