HYCON Oil Flow Divider - HFD


The HYCON HFD oil flow divider replaces the need for a power pack and is perfect for driving all HYCON tools on a worksite where a hydraulic machine like a backhoe, skid steer, or mini excavator is already in place.

Simply connect the preset HFD to the hydraulic power take-out (PTO). The oil flow divider ensures the correct flow, pressure, and rotation on saws, pumps, and other tools needed on the job site.

The HFD is also overload protection for tools connected to an alternative hydraulic power source.


The HYCON oil flow divider has three built-in functions:

  1. Output oil flow control by the built-in flow regulation valve
  2. Maximum tool working pressure ensured by a pressure relief valve
  3. Ensures the correct oil flow direction by a check valve

The HYCON HFD comes with:

  • 0.3 m hose and quick-release coupling
  • Replaceable restriction for 20, 30, or 40 lpm
  • Solid and robust aluminum casing
Technical data

Item no.


Max oil flow in [LPM]


Oil flow out [LPM]

20, 30, or 40 (max 160 bar)

Max pressure relief valve (power source) [bar]


Max pressure relief valve (adjustable) [bar]



HFD Product Sheet

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