Handheld Hydraulic Cut-of Saw HCS14


The HYCON PREMIUM Cut-off Saw cuts all types of concrete, steel, brick wall, asphalt etc. The HYCON Cut-off saw is a very sturdy tool intended for cutting even under the most extreme conditions. It is completely unaffected by water and dust, and all parts run in oil. The HYCON PREMIUM-saws are build for hard use day after day - without breakdowns.

The fact, that the saw is always working and does not require service means higher profits than with e.g. a petrol saw.

The saw stops automatically if the blade jams because of the system pressure relief valve. The blade stops rotating maximum 10 sec. after releasing the trigger.


Assuring no injury to the operator. The hydraulic cut-off saw from HYCON can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting.

Hydraulic direct drive high quality motor assume a minimum of service. Flushing water runs through body and hydraulic motor for extra cooling and to keep all surfaces cold.


Technical data

Item no. HCS14 20-30 l.p.m.


Disc size

14", ø350 mm

Oil flow, l.p.m.


Working pressure, bar


Max. pressure, bar


Weight w/o hose/disc, kg


Cutting depth, mm


Noise level LPA dB


Noise level LWA dB


Vibration level, m/s


Periferial blade cutting speed, m/s



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