Dust Suppression Kit


Silica is a natural substance found in most rocks, sand and clay and in products such as bricks and concrete. Some of this dust may be fine enough to breathe deeply into the lungs and cause health problems. The HYCON silica dust suppression kits are made to be attached to all HYCON handheld breakers.

The water sprayed by the HYCON silica dust suppression kit minimizes worker's exposure to harmful silica dust before it becomes airborne.

The HYCON retrofit silica dust suppression kit comes in three variants: one for the HH10 breaker, one for HH15 - HH27 and another one for the HH35 breaker.



Dust retrofit suppression kits HH10 - HH35:

  • Effective suppression of dust with minimum amount of water.
  • Flow 0,5 - 1,0 lpm at 1,5 - 4 bar pressure. Connect to portable water supply or tap water.
  • Water Spray cone 58 degree for optimum suppression on dust created from breaking work.
  • Easy access on/off valve next to operators hand.
  • Fits all new and existing HYCON breakers.
  • Comply with OSHA Crystaline Silica Sep. 2017 work practice method for out- and indoor works up to 4 hours without need for respiratory equipment. Easy access on/off valve next to operators hand.
  • The HYCON water container must be ordered separately.
Technical data

Dust Suppression Kit

Item no.

HYCON water container (not included in kit)


Dust reduction kit for HH10 pick hammer


Dust reduction kit for HH15-27 breaker


Dust reduction kit for HH35 breaker



Dust Suppression Kit Product Sheet

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