Global Supplier and Innovator of Hydraulic Power

Powerful, reliable, and versatile. For those who need the right tool for the most demanding jobs. Our heavy-duty hydraulics are made for professionals who work where power and reliability prevail. From utilities to demolition or underwater works.

In these demanding environments where battery, electricity, and pneumatics give up, hydraulics work effortlessly.

At HYCON, we know that those tougher than the rest won’t settle for the second best. Because if the tool fails, it fails everyone waiting behind you.



Underwater Works

HYCON tools have been safe for underwater use for over two decades, and in 2024, we are expanding our portfolio of tools for commercial divers.

Hydraulic Bypass Pumping

CIPP professionals prefer HYCON hydraulic submersible pumps for their power, reliability, and portability. By using our submersible pumps, the sewage flow can bypass the working area and return to the pipe as if nothing happened.

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