HYCON Handheld Rock Drills 

Drilling for professionals. The HYCON solutions let you work fast in granite, reinforced granite or the like – even in difficult reachable places.

HYCON offers two powerful rock drills to match your specific task.

The compact design and high performance of the HRD30 give you great impact in narrow and tight workspaces. With an integrated compressor and CCW rotation, the HRD30 is the most effective handheld hydraulic rock drill on the market. Drilling up to approx. 2.4 m, depending on hole diameter, this is your perfect partner for drilling anchor or splitting

holes and a popular choice for utility works such as gas leak detection holes or anchor holes for traffic signs and barriers in hard granite or concrete – even in remote areas.

The HRD28X is similar to the HRD30 but without an integrated compressor. Instead, it can be connected to a separate small compressor to supply flushing air. This type of rock drill is suitable for drilling depths up to 6 m and with a larger diameter where more flushing air is needed. The HRD28X is also a popular and reliable choice for underwater drilling.

Additional features

▶ Up to 2.4 m drilling depth with built-in compressor
▶ Up to 6 m drilling depth using external air supply
▶ Built-in motor for drill rotation
▶ Mobile and suitable for hard-to-reach places
▶ Vibration-reduced handles

The HYCON Rock Drills

Tough tools for tough jobs.


HYCON Rock Drill Brochure

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