HYCON Handheld Rock Drills 

HYCON offers two very powerful handheld hydraulic rock drills. Which to choose depends on your specific needs and requirements.


The HRD30 is the “all-in-one” solution including an integrated air flushing compressor offering you maximum flexibility and mobility for use e.g. in remote areas. The airflow of the compressor is sufficient for most standard drilling in granite or concrete.

The HRD28X has been designed for use with an external compressor for increased airflow or for under­water use. With the ability to increase airflow you can go deeper, drill with bigger diameters and work in even more dusty environments. Also, the HRD28X is our most lightweight rock drill.

Both rock drills are high performers when it comes to drilling speed and reliability.

Consult your HYCON salesperson for more information regarding drilling depth, width and material types.

The HYCON Rock Drills

Tough tools for tough jobs.

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