HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Ring Saw

Cutting for professionals. HYCON’s state-of-the-art ring saw is designed to get the toughest jobs done fast and easily.

The HYCON handheld hydraulic ring saw will cut 300 mm reinforced concrete safely, fast, and anywhere. Compact in size and weighing only 10 kg, operators can easily handle and place the ring saw anywhere needed to cut thick walls, door openings, and the like. No kickback from a jammed ring blade makes it safe to cut in any difficult position or narrow space.

A specially designed, highly efficient hydraulic gear motor with internal piping both for water and hydraulic oil reduces size and weight with increased cooling for the longest lifetime.

With the HYCON ring saw, you can safely and easily manage tough jobs handheld. With no center drive shaft to reduce the cutting depth, the HYCON ring saw with a 400 mm blade will cut as deep as a heavy, costly wall saw with a 700mm blade. Use the HYCON SawEZ rail system to turn the ring saw into a rail saw for accurate and easy cutting of wall openings.

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Additional features

▶ Cut any concrete, bricks, stone etc. also with rebar in 300 mm depth.
▶ Cut openings for doors and windows, pipes etc.
▶ Fit for underwater jobs.
▶ Very powerful – up to 18 HP.
▶ Ergonomic design for operator comfort.
▶ Easy change of blades.
▶ Lower vibrations and weight.


HYCON Oil Flow Divider - HFD 

The HYCON HFD Oil Flow Divider replace the need for power packs and is perfect to drive all HYCON tools on worksites where there already is an hydraulic machine like a backhoe, skidsteer or mini excavator in place.

Simply connect the preset HFD to the Hydraulic Power Take Out (PTO) and you are assured correct flow, pressure and rotation on saws, pumps and other tools needed on the jobsite.

The HYCON oil flow divider has 3 built-in functions:

  • Output oil flow control by the build in flow regulation valve.
  • Maximum tool working pressure ensured by a pressure relief valve.
  • Ensures the correct oil flow direction by a check valve.

See detail on the HFD Oil Flow Divider Here

The HYCON Ring Saw

The ultimate cut!

All parts run in oil - no downtime and next to no service.


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