How partnering with HYCON can elevate your business


Good partnerships are vital for dealers of hydraulic equipment. Learn how HYCON aims to elevate our partners to the next level.


Whether you are hard at work in the ditch or comfortably seated at the office, a trustworthy partner is vital for getting the job done.

HYCON sells hydraulic tools through a network of authorized dealers around the world, each specializing in products for specific industries. We believe in the importance of swift and hassle-free customer service, security of supply, and in-depth technical knowledge.


At your service

At HYCON, we are always there for our partners, making sure you get what you need.

As your trusted professional companion, you can always reach out to us for comprehensive technical assistance, marketing guidance, and sales training. Or just a chat about the weather.

You can also expect us to provide you with existing marketing material, such as brochures and digital assets, to help you promote your HYCON products.


Elevating your business

HYCON’s commitment to partners goes beyond selling high-quality hydraulic equipment. In fact, we want to get to know you.

Once you have become a HYCON partner, we assign you a contact person who knows the mechanics of the hydraulics business. From then on, you can expect a genuine interest from HYCON to elevate your business to the next level.

We’re also open to suggestions to tweak our solutions and make your job easier with customized products. Our technical expertise makes us a trustworthy partner with the capacity to listen and design the necessary solutions. With a stable supply chain and modular solutions, HYCON can always deliver quality solutions with your specific situation in mind.

By joining forces with HYCON, you position your business for growth, increased competitiveness, and a new friend who helps you get the job done.

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