HYCON Hydraulic Breakers

The HYCON handheld hydraulic breaker is sturdy and compact. It hits harder than any other type of breaker due to the core characteristics of hydraulics. For instance, a HYCON 15 kg breaker has much higher performance than a 15 kg electric breaker. In the breaker there are only few moving parts. There are minimal wear and very few parts to replace.

All parts run in oil, which ensures the longest lifetime.

The HYCON breakers can be used for both demolition and tamping. The breakers are totally unaffected by mud, sludge and heavy dirt. Common problems on most construction sites do not stop the breakers from working.

HYCON breakers

The HYCON HH-series is the result of the strongest and most modern design on the market. Our hydraulic quality breakers have practically only two moving parts, and this ensures minimum wear and consequently much lower operating costs.

The HYCON HH-series is equipped with the world's best vibration-dampening system as standard - the HYCON handle.

This handle gives unique operator comfort with a vibration level as low as 4.8 m/S2 (HH20RV), and the breaker can therefore be used efficiently 8 hours per day.

The reliability, the sturdy design and the supreme component quality of the HYCON HH-series means long life - also under extreme working conditions.

Raw power at low weight!

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