HYCON Handheld Hydraulic Breakers

The HYCON hydraulic breaker is sturdy and compact. It hits harder than any other type of breaker due to the core characteristics of hydraulics.

For instance, a HYCON 15 kg breaker has much higher performance than a 15-25 kg electric breaker. HYCON's hydraulic breakers have only two moving parts and with all running in and cooled by the hydraulic oil this means a minimum of wear and only a few service parts.

The HYCON HH-series is the result of the strongest and most modern design on the market. Our hydraulic quality breakers have practically only two moving parts, and this ensures minimum wear and consequently much lower operating costs.

The HYCON HH-series is equipped with the world's best vibration-dampening system as standard - the HYCON handle.

This handle gives unique operator comfort with a vibration level as low as 4.8 m/S2 (HH20RV), and the breaker can therefore be used efficiently 8 hours per day.

The reliability, the sturdy design and the supreme component quality of the HYCON HH-series means long life - also under extreme working conditions.

Additional features:

  • D- or T-handle dependent on the chosen model.
  • Quieter operation than pneumatic tools - allows for use in sensitive areas - with no dusty exhaust air.
  • Higher impact than comparable sizes alternative platforms.
  • A wide range of breakers - fits every need.
  • Gas-nitride piston for rust protection and long seal life.
  • Operates both vertical and horizontal depending on the chosen model.
  • All T-handle breakers come standard with the HYCON vibration-reduced handle.


HYCON Dust Suppression Kit

Silica is a natural substance found in most rocks, sand and clay and in products such as bricks and concrete. Some of this dust may be fine enough to breathe deeply into the lungs and cause health problems.

The HYCON silica dust suppression kits are made to be attached to all HYCON handheld breakers. The water sprayed by the HYCON silica dust suppression kit minimizes worker's exposure to harmful silica dust before it becomes airborne. The HYCON retrofit silica dust suppression kit comes in three variants: one for the HH10 breaker, one for HH15 - HH27 and another one for the HH35 breaker.

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HYCON Oil Flow Divider - HFD: 

The HYCON HFD Oil Flow Divider replace the need for power packs and is perfect to drive all HYCON tools on worksites where there already is an hydraulic machine like a backhoe, skidsteer or mini excavator in place.

Simply connect the preset HFD to the Hydraulic Power Take Out (PTO) and you are assured correct flow, pressure and rotation on saws, pumps and other tools needed on the jobsite.

The HYCON oil flow divider has 3 built-in functions:

  • Output oil flow control by the build in flow regulation valve.
  • Maximum tool working pressure ensured by a pressure relief valve.
  • Ensures the correct oil flow direction by a check valve.

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Raw power at low weight!

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