Welcome to HYCON

HYCON is a Danish manufacturer and supplier of handheld hydraulic power tools. The company was founded in 2002, and for the last two decades our team has been focused on production and development of hydraulic equipment for professionals.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field and more than 40,000 tools in operation around the world, we proudly proclaim ourselves as hydraulic experts. We concentrate all our resources on hydraulic power and are proud to develop and sell the most powerful, versatile, and reliable solutions for a variety of customer needs.

By HYCON all engineering and assembly is done in-house to ensure full control of quality and performance, and our products are thoroughly tested before approval by our dedicated staff. 

This is one of the reasons why we are acknowledged as one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the industry.

Our products are sold worldwide through a network of competent and dedicated dealers and partners.

Are you looking for a hydraulic equipment supplier? Contact us and let us help you determine how our products, can be implemented in your business.

We are members of the IACDS (International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers), the EDI (European Decontamination Institute), N.A.D.C. (National Association of Drainage Contractors), and VDRK (Verband der Rohr- und Kanal-Technik-Unternehmen e.V.).

Our core values


Quality is never an accident
- it is always the result of intelligent effort.


- we are a dedicated team of employees all focusing on our core business - hydraulic power tools.


- working with world-wide partners gives us a global mindset. This is beneficial for both customers and HYCON.


- we listen to customers, partners and the market, and then do our best to find the most suitable solutions.

Contact us and let us help you find a local distributor.

+45 9647 5200 / hycon@hycon.dk