Cost efficient

The power pack is the economical alternative. A compressor has to be registered as a vehicle, and you will have to maintain tires, brakes, lights and clutch. The investment speaks clearly: For the price of one compressor/breaker combination, you can buy two complete hydraulic power pack/breaker sets.


In addition, in certain circumstances, you might not need a power pack at all. With the help of a HYCON HFD Oil flow divider and an extension hose, you can hook hydraulic tools directly to a hydraulic-powered-carrier.


Investment is one thing everyday operation is another. Running costs are very low when using hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic tools are inherently more efficient, meaning they require less energy to perform the same work as alternative tools, saving time and money.


Money is saved on fuel, and you can save money for maintenance and replacements of spare parts, as there are very few spare parts in the HYCON tools.

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The HYCON product range 

We offer a wide range of handheld hydraulic tools for various segments and applications.
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