Maximum impact

For light professional demolition and renovation jobs that call for maximum impact force, nothing equals the power of a hydraulically powered handheld tool. Various types of HYCON tools have a variety of strengths and are accordingly suited for different types of jobs.


Hydraulics is characterized by the fact that energy is derived from compressed oil, and hydraulic tools can pack a big punch in a little package. Since compressed oil transfers far more energy than compressed air, nothing packs as much pound-for-pound punch as hydraulic. Hence, the raw power of a power pack transmits directly into smaller lightweight tools enabling them to perform successfully.


Their inherent efficiency means they are friendlier to the environment than comparable air or gas tools. They not only feel more powerful but they actually outperform other, comparable tools.

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The HYCON product range 

We offer a wide range of handheld hydraulic tools for various segments and applications.
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