Improved Work Efficiency in CIPP with HYCON submersible hydraulic pumps

Sewer pipe replacement requires hydraulic solids handling pumps that are portable and reliable. Learn how HYCON hydraulic submersible pumps can do the job.

Pumps are one of the most important tools in the CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) industry. The easier you can handle a powerful pump, the better you can do your job while saving time and money.


CIPP professionals prefer HYCON hydraulic submersible pumps for their power, reliability, and portability. With HYCON submersible hydraulic pumps for bypass pumping in CIPP, the sewage flow can bypass the working area and return to the pipe as if nothing happened.


Unlike expensive pneumatic pumps requiring a hoist system, hydraulic pumps can be carried by just one person and only require a power pack. Just lower it into the water and feel the power! When the job is done, the small hydraulic pumps can easily be transported to another site in the back of a van.

Kuchler GmbH in Germany Improved Work Efficiency in CIPP with HYCON Submersible Pumps

Read how Kuchler GmbH uses HYCON pumps in the CIPP industry

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HYCON Submersible Hydraulic Pumps

HYCON hydraulic pumps come in three different sizes weighing 7.7-26.7 kg. The pumps can move 35-120 m³/h and handle varying solids from 38-74 mm.


HYCON hydraulic pumps have a compact design that requires minimum maintenance and provides good working space in the well when performing sewer pipe relining. The pumps can also be mounted directly on the sewer plug, making pipe repair more accessible than ever.

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