April 24 · 2023

Kuchler Improves Work Efficiency in Sewer Sanitation with HYCON Hydraulic Pumps

With over 70 years of experience operating all over Germany, Kuchler GmbH is one of the largest sanitation contractors in Bavaria. One of their core fields of expertise is sewer relining. With HYCON hydraulic pumps and power packs, they were able to improve efficiency in the field.

Submersible pumps are essential in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, bypassing the work area so that the sewage function is upheld during the work process. Many contractors still use very large and heavy electric submersible pumps with built-in motors.

– If we didn’t have pumps, we could not work, says Christopher Gropp, Construction Manager at the Kuchler GmbH, and elaborates:

– The easier and quicker we can handle the pumps, the better. With HYCON pumps, I think we have an advantage compared to other companies in the trenchless industry.




Flexibility is key to efficiency

Christopher Grobb has been working with pipe rehabilitation projects for ten years, planning and designing CIPP and relining projects throughout Germany. He used to plan the work effort using electric or pneumatic pumps for bypass pumping – but when he joined Kuchler GmbH, he discovered the benefits of hydraulic pumps for trenchless solutions.

Highly experienced within the industry, Kuchler GmbH had searched the market for portable pumps for performing trenchless sewer line rehabilitation. Ultimately, HYCON was selected as Kuchler’s main supplier of hydraulic pumps because it combined easy portability, reliability, and high performance.

Like many others in the trenchless industry, Christopher Gropp and his team change sites daily. Therefore, flexibility is critical to improving efficiency, thus saving costs and manpower. And the HYCON hydraulic pump solutions do their part in keeping the workflow flexible and lean.

– With the big electric pumps, we needed two men to carry the pump. And despite their massive size, they were less powerful than the HYCON pumps. Now, one man can carry it, throw it in there, connect the power pack, and the pumping begins. The low weight gives us total flexibility. We can solve almost any problem with this pump, he says.


A powerful timesaver

The weight of HYCONs submersible pumps ranges from 7.7-26.7 kg. The sturdy design makes it very easy to maintain and the heavy-duty hydraulics secure a powerful portable solution that can be used in even the toughest conditions. The largest pump can dispose of up to 120 m³/ h of wastewater – or simply adjust the volume manually until it fits the required level.   

HYCON also has clever specialized solutions tailor-made for the industry. For pumping directly in the sewer, a special free-influx foot stand was invented to cope with single-use wet tissues, used diapers, and other stuff, known to clog up pumps. The pumps can be mounted directly on an inflatable sewer plug, constantly submerged, providing crucial extra working space and a 100 % water-free work environment, which is critical when working with liners.


An extended partnership

The equipment rarely needs mechanical support – but should the need arise, technical expertise from HYCON is only a phone call away.

Claudia Mir is technical purchaser at Kuchler GmbH.

– A really positive thing about the partnership with HYCON is that our purchase of machinery doesn’t end with the goods being delivered. If we have technical questions or need help, we can always reach someone – or even better, someone from HYCON comes down to see us on short notice. We value HYCON as a business partner where a full-service package is included.

Tailor-made solutions

At HYCON, we take great pride in being a piece of the puzzle in a business that takes care of crucial maintenance work in critical infrastructure.

Explainers, videos, and technical data sheets are available on our website. And if you have any questions or want to know more about how we can optimize your daily business, please call us!

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