June 6 · 2023

The Power of Partnership: EUROMAT and HYCON are Changing the Belgian Market for Hydraulics

For Belgian machine rental specialist EUROMAT, close partnerships are essential keys to success. Learn how EUROMAT and HYCON’s decades-long partnership has developed into a fruitful business.

Since 2000, Belgian machine rental specialist EUROMAT has been one of HYCON’s most important partners. The partnership began at the Matexpo fair in 2000, where HYCON representatives visited EUROMAT’s booth.


EUROMAT was looking for a hydraulic partner to enable their customers to work with hydraulic power packs, breakers, core drills, water pumps, and cut-off saws. Immediately, a certain chemistry arose, and soon HYCON started delivering hydraulic power packs to EUROMAT, who rented them out with great success.


– There wasn’t much competition in hydraulics in Belgium at that time, so it was – and still is – an excellent business to rent out HYCON power packs. Everyone who rents them is happy. Mainly because they are compact, durable, and much more powerful than pneumatics, but also because they cost half the price, says Tom Van de Velde, CEO at EUROMAT and continues:


– The low price tag means we get much more out of our investment. We also like the people at HYCON, and that combination creates a perfect partnership.


The importance of good relations

EUROMAT was founded in 1973 by Eric Van de Velde at a small petrol station with just one rental machine. Since then, EUROMAT has grown into a family business with more than 60 employees. For Tom Van de Velde who is CEO at EUROMAT together with his sister Els, one key to success has been the close relations with the partners.


– During my time in this business, I have realized that some companies treat me like I’m just another number. The big companies split everything up into siloes without talking with each other. But HYCON is more like a family, says Tom Van de Velde. He adds:


– When I have a problem, I can call Asbjørn or Kirsten, and they will fix it because they know everyone in the organization. We trust each other and can talk openly. We are friends. That is very important to me, says Tom Van de Velde.


Looking to the north

The current market for hydraulics in Belgium is constantly developing. Some of EUROMAT’s customers have switched to hydraulics because of the compact size, which is ideal for work in cities. Others switch due to work in specific industries like demolition or underwater, where resistance in tough environments is a top priority. At the same time, environmental regulations have caused the price of pneumatics to rise, making hydraulics a clear alternative.


– Belgians are conservative, so very few like to switch from what they are used to. But we know that change is underway, and that change is coming from Northern Europe. What happens in Denmark happens in Belgium three years later. Therefore, it makes sense for us to have a partner from Denmark. Companies in Southern Europe are usually not as innovative and open to change, says Tom Van de Velde.


However, Tom Van de Velde emphasizes that while innovation is essential, HYCON machines are fortunately only as high-tech as necessary.


– HYCON power packs are based on the same machinery as ten years ago. That is a big advantage when it comes to service and spare parts. Other manufacturers change their products constantly. HYCON’s equipment is foolproof. You can’t do anything wrong. It is a powerful, yet simple Danish product, ends Tom Van de Velde, who is ready to showcase his HYCON equipment at the Matexpo fair in Belgium again this year.

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