October 20 · 2023

APG Australia transforms the diving industry Down Under

Entering the world of underwater tools has exceeded APG Australia’s expectations. Today, HYCON is one of the most popular tools in Australian commercial diving.

Since 2015, HYCON and APG Australia have worked together to serve the Australian underwater works market. And the effort has paid off. Due to a close partnership, HYCON’s products have become one of the most sought-after brands for Australian commercial divers.

The partnership began as they often do. Through a great professional relationship between HYCON Sales Manager Jan Byrresen and APG Australia. When asked to become a dealer of HYCON tools, APG Australia took a leap of faith in the relationship and the product. The decision transformed APG Australia and the Australian underwater tools market.

Today, HYCON is a well-known brand among divers Down Under. APG’s strategic shift has placed them at the forefront of underwater hydraulic tools in Australia, with HYCON tools winning market share against the global competition.

– We are slowly changing the industry here. 99 percent of our clients now have a HYCON power pack, and the majority of the market uses HYCON. Simply because it is a better product in so many ways, says Aaron Redmond, Product Specialist at APG Australia.


The early beginning

APG was founded in 1998 in Illawarra, South of Sydney. Back then, the company was mainly focused on pneumatics. Through the years, the business grew into other areas, including hydraulics. Step-by-step underwater works became a substantial part of the business.

– Initially, we didn't think of commercial diving as one of our biggest markets. But it turned out the diving companies approved HYCON’s power packs, jackhammers, core drills, cut-off saws, and ring saws, says Aaron Redmond.

One of the standout features of HYCON's tools was their adaptability to underwater conditions.

– All the products are very powerful, easy to use, lightweight, and simple to maintain. They address all the key challenges that divers face in their daily work, says Aaron Redmond.


European quality and serviceability

As with any shift, the question of reliability and serviceability arose for APG Australia. Aaron Redmond explains that the trust in HYCON's European origin and quality significantly influenced APG Australia's decision.

– In our industry, downtime can be costly. HYCON is European-made and of European quality, and they know that simplicity is invaluable. Loosen four bolts, and you have access to the interior. None of the competitors can beat that, he says.  


Support from HYCON

APG Australia’s journey into the underwater hydraulic tools market was crucial to the company at a time when the mining downturn and COVID-19 affected the construction sector. Throughout this time, dedication to quality equipment and service for all of Australia remained the most important thing for APG Australia.

By finding the right balance between quality and cost, APG Australia leads the way in changing traditional industry perceptions in the Australian market. The HYCON team supports the journey with marketing material, sales training, and swift support.

Trust, quality, and vision can open doors to success. APG Australia's partnership with HYCON is a testament to exactly that.

– If it wasn't for the good relationship with the HYCON team, I don't think we would have taken the leap in the first place. We took a chance because we believed in the people and the product, says Aaron Redmond.


Want to know more?

At HYCON, we aim to supply dealers worldwide with tools for underwater works. If you want to know more about our tools, explore the equipment here.