July 14 · 2022

10 Years of Hydraulic Hammers for Danish Soil Samplers

When Torben Vinther, the owner of the Danish company Wintex Agro, needed a sturdy, powerful hydraulic hammer for his soil samplers, he turned to HYCON for a matching solution.

He found it. At that time, both companies agreed that the best solution would be for HYCON to deliver the HH10 as an OEM. The product was tuned to fit the soil samplers perfectly. With just a few adjustments along the way, the road to successful cooperation had been laid.

“We used our smallest breaker and made sure it delivered just the amount of power needed. We reduced the power of the accumulator to a lower pressure for a better operation of the HH10 breaker when pushed to the ground for hammering the probe into the soil. This gives us a better sample”, HYCON’s Head of Sales, Rasmus Kilt, says. He has been following the development of Wintex Agro since the beginning.

Wintex Agro has specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality automatic soil samplers. Working with customers in most parts of the world, Wintex Argo’s soil samplers must be compatible with any type of soil and all geological conditions. Mounted on the side of an ATV or virtually any vehicle, the tool with the HYCON hammer is an extremely flexible solution for all types of landscapes. Furthermore, it allows the user to collect a 20 cm soil sample in only 5 seconds. Customers recommend WINTEX Agro’s soil samplers for collecting samples in hard, stoned, and even frozen soil at any depth.

This year we celebrate the anniversary by expanding the cooperation. “For a sampling depth of up to 200 cm, we needed a more powerful hammer,” Mr. Vinther explains. “The HYCON HH15 is just what we need for our WINTEX MCL3”.