October 4 · 2023

Taking the plunge: A deep-dive into Diving Contractor’s switch to HYCON

When performing underwater construction tasks, the right tools can speed up efficiency and provide even happier employees and customers. Learn how a tough underwater job prompted Diving Contractor to choose hydraulics.

Industrial divers are often faced with the choice between hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic tools. The tool of choice often depends on a combination of factors. For example, depth, duration, budget, and safety considerations.


Diving Contractor, a Spanish underwater works company specialized in afloat inspections and repairs on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, was recently faced with with this choice. After having used pneumatic tools for years, they encountered several challenges that prompted them to explore alternatives. Looking back at the company’s decision, Emilio Peris, a highly experienced diver supervisor at Diving Contractor, has no doubts:


– HYCON is not the most established brand in the industry, but they make the best tools. Today, whenever we need new equipment, we go to HYCON, he says.


Saving time and money

Working on an anchor point in natural rock at the port of Cartagena, the divers at Diving Contractor found that pneumatics did not quite have the power to complete the job.


Pneumatic tools are often lightweight (counting out the compressor) and can be useful for tasks that require high maneuverability, like cleaning, fastening, or low-impact operations. Hydraulic tools, on the other hand, are versatile and powerful, suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks deep underwater where high torque or force is needed.


After a week of pneumatic drilling at Cartagena Port, the divers were not even halfway done. That’s where Diving Contractor made the decision to switch to the HRD28x rock drill and the HPP18V FLEX powerpack from HYCON. As soon as the hydraulic tool took over, the rest of the job was done with double the efficiency. And unlike the intricate and time-consuming upkeep required by pneumatic tools, the hydraulics were simpler to maintain, saving both time and money.


– We realized that HYCON was much more powerful and very comfortable. That saves us and our customers a lot of time, says Emilio Peris.


Solidifying the business

Diving Contractor's decision to switch to HYCON hydraulic tools was a game-changer for their business. Emilio Peris and his team not only experienced increased efficiency. It also improved safety and customer satisfaction. The transition to hydraulics allowed them to take on more challenging projects and solidify their position as one of the best certified companies in the Spanish underwater works industry.


Their initial hesitations about the slightly higher cost of hydraulics were quickly dispelled by the numerous advantages they offered. Emilio and his team, therefore, decided to further upgrade their equipment with the HYCON HWP4 hydraulic pump.


– Our previous pump was made of plastic, and the impeller was made of rubber. So, we were interested in a pump with stainless steel and a metal impeller. And it did the job really well. The pump and power pack operated 8-9 hours straight without stops. That kind of efficiency makes it a lot easier for us to complete our jobs, says Emilio Peris.


With the new hydraulic pump in action, Diving Contractor has reduced project time by more than 50 %, meaning shorter project timelines and increased productivity.


– Hydraulics are our favorite choice because they are not affected by depth, and they don’t need a huge compressor. At the same time, hydraulics is safer, lasts longer, maintenance is easier, and we experience fewer failures, says Emilio Peris.


Want to know more?

At HYCON, we aim to make underwater works easier and more efficient for divers. If you want to know more about our tools, explore the equipment here.