October 2 · 2023

Breaking new ground: Power Tools improves drilling efficiency with HYCON

Power Tools and HYCON are working together to refine rock drilling to perfection. Learn how close collaboration and reliable tools can solve even the toughest problems.

When the main part of your work is drilling deep holes into solid granite, the right tools make all the difference. For Power Tools, a family-owned company based in Herrljunga, Sweden, finding the perfect partner was a journey towards improving their product offerings and customer satisfaction. A journey that has involved HYCON for more than a decade.


Power Tools' quest for excellence

Power Tools has been a market leader in solutions like rock splitting and drilling for years with their Simplex pyrotechnical cartridges for small-scale blasting in rock formations. Combined with heavy-duty equipment, Power Tools helps contractors in the construction industry get rid of rock quickly and safely.

But like any business aiming for excellence, Power Tools identified areas for improvement in their operations. One of the key issues was the need for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective drilling solution. They wanted to offer their customers cheaper and more reliable tools than pneumatic or gasoline-driven tools could bring to the table.

– Back in the days, everyone used pneumatic or gasoline rock drills. But most of our customers are familiar with hydraulic equipment. So, we wanted to find a reliable, hydraulic solution for them, says Marcus Groszman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Power Tools.


All the advantages – but for less

In the search for hydraulic tools, Power Tools explored various options. They found that they needed a supplier with high-quality tools and a focus on customer service. That's when HYCON’s rock drill entered the scene.

The HYCON HRD30 with integrated compressor is designed for the most demanding drilling applications in granite and concrete and is ideal for the precise art of drilling, blasting, or splitting holes.

One of the standout features of the HRD30 is the integrated air-flushing compressor and the anti-vibration handles, providing a smoother and more comfortable user experience. For Power Tools, the rock drill offered a winning combination of reliability, speed, competitive pricing, and portability, with the added advantage of being hydraulic-driven. Perfect for drilling holes on a daily basis.

– The HRD30 rock drill gave our customers increased portability, reliability, and a power output equal to pneumatics – but for much less money, says Marcus Groszman and continues:

– Some of our customers say the HRD30 can drill 500 holes without any issues. Compared to similar machines on the market, the HRD30 is a more efficient and powerful drill, which means our customers can drill more holes in a shorter time, which in the long run means higher profits.


Navigating the challenges

As with any partnership, there were challenges to overcome. The HRD30 rock drill initially lacked anticlockwise rotation, which resulted in loose drill bits. However, HYCON promptly rectified this issue based on Power Tools’ feedback.

Another particular challenge was ensuring that the machines provided sufficient airflow to clear dust from the borehole. Back on the shop floor at HYCON, this issue was resolved to fulfill Power Tools’ needs.

The close collaboration and receptiveness to feedback have been instrumental in the partnership. Power Tools and HYCON maintain a strong working relationship rooted in mutual understanding and a desire to resolve issues.

– We knew that if the machine would become perfectly reliable, we could sell a lot of them. The product is fantastic, and HYCON power packs are the best ones out there. says Marcus Groszman.


The road ahead

The partnership between HYCON and Power Tools continues to grow stronger, with both companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the industry. For Power Tools, the benefits are clear—reliable hydraulic tools improve customer satisfaction.

With a shared commitment to quality and continuous improvement, the collaboration is set to thrive in the years to come.

– HYCON listens to the problems we see, and their willingness to help is highly generous. We also like the people at HYCON, knowing they will go to great lengths to fix things. We are in this together, ends Marcus Groszman.

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