October 19 · 2016

Fremco Partners with HYCON and Sources a Hydraulic Power Pack

Fremco A/S is a prominent Danish manufacturer of fiber cable-blowing machines. The demand for rapid and high-quality data communication solutions is prevalent worldwide, and fiber optic cables represent a definitive answer to this need. Laying these fiber optic cables involves the intricate process of blowing them through plastic pipes, either by using air or water.

Blowing cables through pipes is complicated, and this is precisely where Fremco excels. Over the years, Fremco has honed its expertise, developing cutting-edge machinery tailored to this niche, earning recognition and demand from professional cable-laying contractors across the globe.

Due to more than a decade of experience with gasoline-powered hydraulic power packs, Fremco has chosen HYCON as its trusted source for power packs.

Fremco’s CEO, Niels Søgaard Hansen, explains the decision to partner with HYCON: “We tested the HPP06 hydraulic power pack with Fremco fiber blowing machines very hard and the power and reliability proved to meet the high standards of Fremco products.” With HYCON's unwavering commitment to quality, flexibility, and readily available stock, the decision to collaborate was easy.

Hansen underscores the strategic wisdom of this alliance as he continues: “There was no reason for investing in own development of a power pack when HYCON had the right product already. We are experts in fiber-blowing machines, not the power driving our equipment. This means we can focus on our core business and source locally for specialized equipment to complement our product range."

“It means we do not tie financial assets in a big production and stock, but simply order power packs from our supplier when needed. Plus, we can offer our customers a complete setup to blow fiber cables.” ends Niels Søgaard Hansen. He concludes that the strategy of seeking partnerships outside the organization has been the right one.

Fremco A/S manufactures a complete range of high-quality fiber-blowing machines that caters to the diverse needs of its customers. The company's strategically located sales office in the heart of Denmark ensures convenient access to major transportation networks, including highways and airports. For more information about Fremco A/S and their products, please visit their website at

For HYCON, this partnership represents an opportunity to engage new customer segments and explore applications beyond traditional construction realms. In alignment with their commitment to innovation and forward-thinking, HYCON seeks out partners who share their values, strategies, and visions, and Fremco A/S is undoubtedly one such partner according to Rasmus Kilt, HYCON’s Regional Sales Manager.

HYCON A/S welcomes Fremco A/S into the HYCON family, looking forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration.