November 2 · 2022

Italian Ambassador Worldwide for HYCON

The cooperation between HYCON and the Italian company Breaker srl is built on a close relationship between Breaker’s Director, Mauro Grisendi, and HYCON’s Head of Sales, Rasmus Kilt.

The 11-year-old cooperation began with Breaker’s desire to find hydraulic products – especially for export to customers in the utility and construction sectors. After reaching out to HYCON, Breaker quickly began exporting to the Far East, North Africa, and Asia. After a successful start, they found that HYCON was a match for the Italian market as well, and in just a few years Mauro and his team became one of the greatest HYCON ambassadors.

During the first year, Breaker put in small orders for one or two power packs, but they quickly managed to convince their customers of the great advantages of HYCON’s hydraulic solutions.

Technical knowledge is essential. “The customer will know whether we know the product or not. They trust our experience, so we must know all the technical specifications,” Mauro Grisendi says.

Mauro explains that selling hydraulic solutions is a process. “HYCON is not yet a well-known brand in Italy compared to Atlas Copco and Husquarna. Many Italians use pneumatic solutions, but we do a demonstration of HYCON’s hydraulic power pack and product range and explain the economic aspects.”

The enthusiastic effort has paid off and last week Breaker sent out 18 HYCON power packs to a happy customer. “Our customers are absolutely satisfied and happy to buy HYCON,” Mauro says with a big smile before showing a video of the power packs lined up and ready for dispatch. 

“At HYCON we’re very pleased with the cooperation with Breaker. Our goal is to expand the cooperation in the years to come,” Rasmus Kilt says.