February 24 · 2021

New product release for Power Packs outside Europe 

Introducing the new HPP14F Power Pack from HYCON with 14Hp Vanguard engine.

Hycon always strive to be the best supplier of handheld equipment to the construction business throughout the world. Therefore, we have decided to change supplier from Honda to Vanguard, on one of our most popular and versatile powerpacks.

This means HPP13F #2020513 will be discontinued by 15th of February and replaced by HPP14F #2020514. 

The reason for this is longer lead time and higher production costs if we continued with Honda = 8-10 % price increase for our customers.

We have been evaluating several engine suppliers and we have chosen to use a new developed single cylinder engine from Vanguard.

It is more efficient, slightly more powerful and should provide our customers with a better economic advantage.

Simply because of longer service intervals. See scheme below:


It is twice the working hours between service compared to a similar Honda Engine. 

Furthermore, the Vanguard enginge run safe features as low engine oil switch off. 


Contact us and let us help you find a local distributor.

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